Diana, from Seattle
Milena has the educational background and teaching experience I was looking for in a German teacher. She works very effectively with her students. I appreciate her willingness to adapt to the needs of individual students, and her genuine interest in their progress. All the practical matters of scheduling lessons, payment, etc. are nicely organized. Private instruction costs more than group instruction, but it is also much more efficient. If you want to improve your German, you can't go wrong by taking lessons from Milena.

 Bea Longworth, communications expert, Great Britain
Milena is a great teacher. She's extremely experienced and knowledgeable, structuring lessons so they're tailored to the style of learning which suits you best. She is rigourous in teaching the fundamentals of the German language, but draws on a wide range of materials, from TV shows and news articles to songs and cartoons, to make sure lessons stay varied and fun. Most importantly, she's always patient and encouraging. Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced German speaker looking to perfect your language skills, Milena will help you make progress - and learn a lot about German culture at the same time!

André Dias from Portugal
 I needed to learn German for my work environment, but felt Classes were not delivering it anymore. The lack of time the teachers had for me and many times not correcting or identifying my failures, were leading to bad habits on my German Language. This lead that my German was stagnating, instead of improving. After starting with Milena, she made me a customized training plan, by identifying my strong and weak points and provided me with exercises and training material that were right for me. Her excellent and clear German, together with her rigorous explanation of some important details made me feel comfortable and allowed me to improve my German skills even further. I really felt that the exclusive time you have with her, is 10x more productive than in a class with 15 people. Totally recommended.

Kate Jackling - Photographer, Great Britain
"I have a very lovely connection to Milena; she is patient, friendly and warm. I appreciate her method of teaching and practicality.
I would recommend her to anyone who wants a German teacher that makes each lesson varied and fun enough to keep their brain jogging!"

Jacob Verghese - Biochemist, India
I came to Germany with no knowledge of German. Although I didn’t need German language skills at work, I took three courses over a period time- two in a language school and one that was offered by the University. The courses were too structured and that made it hard for the teachers to focus on a topic for too long as they had to get through the curriculum. I had learnt some of the basic grammatical rules but without intensive practice they didn’t really stick as the focus immediately jumped to another topic in the class. I had reached a 'status quo' and decided to try a private class.
I found Milena’s information while browsing for a private tutor in Munich. I decided to try her as a tutor mainly because she had an advanced degree in 'German as a foreign language’. This meant that although German was her mother-tongue, she knew how to teach it to foreigners. During our first meeting, we discussed what I would like to achieve and how she plans to get me to my goal. This was unique because Milena was going to ‘tailor’ her teaching to fit my goals.
It has been four months now and I see a giant improvement in my German. We start every class with a conversation in German as I explain the happenings of the week and/or weekend. Milena writes down the words that I didn’t know and corrects me along the way. This has given me a new-found confidence in speaking German. I am not afraid anymore!
In addition, she gives me a lot of grammatical exercises to practice what I learnt in class. Milena changes her lessons to make things interesting. For example, to improve my understanding of the Dativ and Akkusative cases and past tenses, she brought a story book that we read in class. We also do puzzles that reenforces German grammar rules.
Milena is very patient and caring, qualities that one needs in a teacher when learning something new. She explains the intricacies of the language, not just with the grammar but also pronunciation. It is a great experience learning with her! My biggest achievement, thanks to Milena, was holding a conversation with a grandmother who didn’t speak any English.
As Mark Twain wrote “Never knew before what eternity was made for. It is to give some of us a chance to learn German.” Milena makes learning German a lot easier! Thank you! 

Jason Lu – Transportation engineer, USA
I moved to Munich a year ago to pursue a master's degree. I wanted to improve my German in order to communicate with locals and improve job prospects. I have taken language courses at school, but found that it was very difficult to practice speaking in a class with many people. Someone recommended that I try private lessons with Milena and it was a great decision. Milena tailored our lessons to fit my needs (in my case, verbal skills) by starting class with a conversation, then moving to pronunciation and speech exercises. She always keeps the exercises interesting by having a variety of different methods and topics. German is a difficult language, but Milena is a patient, caring and very effective teacher.
Thanks for all your help, Milena!

Michael Lingua
Moving to Munich 2 years ago and with no prior knowledge of the language, one of my first priorities, (along with acquiring the proper winter attire) was immersing myself into the language. After trying an Intensive course in a group setting and not experiencing the desired results I took a recommendation to try individual instruction with Milena. In only a short time my comprehension level has increased and I feel that I am now on the right track to speaking in a conversational setting. This is the result of Milena's focusing our lessons to my particular needs...and providing me with the appropriate materials and targeted exercises. She is a caring person who not only shares her knowledge of the language, but also the German culture, particularly the Munich environment.
Thank You Milena!

Jin-Ju Pomeroy, 23
I have lived on and off in Germany for 2 years. I had a basic knowledge of German before but my grammar and vocabulary were sadly lacking. I studied with Milena during the summer and her lessons and explanations were very helpful. She prepared wonderful lessons that suited my needs. She also worked with my very busy schedule. Milena is an excellent teacher and lessons with her are fun and informative.
Thanks again Milena!

Liliana Morgado - Ergotherapist from Portugal
Learning German is definitely not easy and choosing the right teacher is one of the biggest steps for success. Milena is for certain one of the best teachers I ever had and she helped me to improve fast and, most important, to feel comfortable speaking in German. All the used materials in class are specially adapted for the student's needs and Milena has a huge flexibility and patience for teaching. My interests were always had into account and the hours just seem to fly by. Thank you for all the help and support, Milena.

Carl Fischer - Interior Architect, South Africa
Although I had been living in Munich for 4 years, I felt the level of my German was still very poor. I felt it was necessary to improve my German - for both professional and personal reasons. As a native English-speaker living and working in Munich, I have found Milena to be an ideal German teacher. She loves teaching the language and often includes fun German cultural tools and methods, which help me to both appreciate German culture and also makes learning the language more enjoyable. I also found Milena flexible, which was very helpful as a result of my erratic professional schedule. I also found that the pace, course material and exercises were tailored perfectly to suit my needs. Personal and work interactions have become much more encouraging and fun. I have received several compliments for the noticeable improvements I have made. I feel confident in recommending Milena for anyone wanting to learn or improve their German.

James Tolliver – IT-Consultant, USA
Having received my B1 certification through the Integration program in a group setting. I still felt my grammar and vocabulary and overall comfort with the German language needed improvement. Now I feel very fortunate that I had the chance to further develop my German language skill with Milena at German now. I believe that I was able to improve my speaking skills, listening skills, reading skills, and writing skills, as well. Milena, adapted her program to help me in my weak language areas. She was patient and tolerant when my German pronunciation was not perfect. And most important I really feel like I have been pushed forward in my articulation. I am grateful to her for her excellent one on one tutoring. I hope to take more lessons in the future with Milena.
Many thanks, James Tolliver 

Thomas O’Brien, Physicist, Australia
I had Milena as a tutor for over a year after coming to Germany. She was quite a good teacher: she has a large number of resources to draw from, she is able to tailor her lessons well, she is patient and caring with her students, she can explain German grammar concepts easily and simply, and she is flexible with scheduling and workload. When I next have the time to focus on improving my German, I will likely be requesting Milena for further tutoring.